Check out some some of the helpful resources available to Aquaculture Researchers!

OSU Small Boat Program

In need of a small boat, motorized or non-motorized, for research or educational activities? Check out OSU's Small Boat Program, this program works with OSU faculty, staff, students, and approved volunteers using small motorized or non-motorized boats as part of their field research. Potential users must submit an OSU Scientific Boating Application to the SBP. To learn more about OSU's Small Boat Program visit this link: OSU Small Boat Program Home Page

OSU Scientific Diving

Interested in conducting scientific diving with OSU? Check out OSU's Scientific Diving website for information about training options, equipment rentals, and current scientific dives! To be eligible for OSU Scientific Diver authorization, a person must be a current student, staff, faculty, or approved volunteer and have a need to dive as part of their schooling, research, or work for the University. To learn more about OSU's Scientific Diving visit this link: OSU Scientific Diving