The White Paper

Advancing Aquaculture Investment at OSU


Growth in aquaculture, both nationally and globally, presents a huge opportunity for OSU. With extensive human and physical assets available to support a diverse aquaculture program, OSU is positioned to be a recognized national leader in advancing seafood security through research, development and training in sustainable seafood and aquaculture practices.

This report outlines the background information generated by an ad hoc group of over 50 OSU aquaculture-related faculty representing eight OSU Colleges, as well as agency and industry representatives. Following on a review of over 40 institutions nationally, and an internal assessment of OSU strengths and assets, it is clear that a minimal, strategic investment, could establish an organized structure to foster and build a more coordinated aquaculture research and educational enterprise – ultimately generating extensive revenues for OSU and Oregon.

Building on the basic tenets of SP4.0, an effort to institutionalize and coordinate OSU’s aquaculture research, education, and outreach efforts would enable OSU to meet the following goals:
• Build a nationally recognized research and academic aquaculture program known for its innovative and diversified research approach, applied experiential education, and creative engagement with stakeholders and external partners.
• Enhance and institutionalize the collaborative aquaculture environment across OSU based on coordination, transdisciplinary research, and experiential education.
• Generate opportunities for increased funding by enabling bold programs that support scientific innovation, entrepreneurship, industry investment and engagement, and public education.

The timing for this initiative is now; major funding opportunities are currently being made available and through this process, national leaders will arise. OSU must be one of those leaders, and should be the primary leader on the west coast. State and federal government agencies are anteing up research and training dollars for aquaculture, and these are being matched by industry. OSU needs to capitalize on this momentum, build on its aquaculture strengths & assets, and in the true land grant/sea grant spirit of this University, lead in addressing the local, national, and global need for a food-secure future and a strong domestic workforce.

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